Istenhegyi Private Clinic

The clinic viewed from Istenhegyi street

Our clinic's activity was started in 1999 and up today it be­came one of the biggest pri­vate health institutions. Ar­ri­vals are wel­comed by smiling, cour­te­ous receptionists, and ac­com­pa­nied by a hostess to an ap­pro­pri­ate consulting room after the per­son­al data reg­is­tra­tion. The con­sult­ing rooms, the 2 op­er­a­ting the­a­tres with modern equip­ment, also the wards with bathrooms are situated on app. 1200 sqm area. Our consulting rooms are furnished with up-to-date technical equipment, and our doctors are specialists of high quality. The central guarded parking area provides to our visitors safety and comfort. The access to our clinic is easy as by public transport, so by private cars.

Our work is supported by an integrated computer system. Everything starting with patients' data through laboratory results, contracting rights up to invoicing is stored in our computing system. The company's administrative work (organizing, registration and administrative tasks, sending of test results, handling of customers' requests, etc.) is supported entirely by a separate customer contact division.

The clinic viewed from Zalatnai street

We provide to patients visiting us our knowledge and ex­pe­ri­ence to keep them healthy, pre­vent and cure diseases, either an understanding, con­sid­er­ate, fam­i­ly atmosphere within cul­tured, pleasant, high­ly hygienic sur­round­ings, easy con­tact pos­si­bil­i­ty. Besides, we can offer al­so cost-effective pack­ag­es for in­di­vid­u­als, fam­i­lies, company emp­loy­ees. For companies and establishments we prepare individual price offers.

In addition to traditional medical consultation the range of our services is widened by varicose and skin laser therapy, outpatient's department for pain, headache, slimming program with special INSUmed nutrition additive, Bemer magnetic treatment.

In our Gene Diagnostic Centre we execute high levelled molecular diagnose for which are used the most modern molecular biological techniques (qualitative and quantitative PCR, FISH, immunohistochemistry). Traditional cy­to­ge­ne­tic, cy­to­logical and histological tests complemented by modern genetic tests' results give possibility for a complex di­ag­nosis. Gene levelled tests include detection of various causative agents in tissue liquid, also detection of viruses in cells and tissues. By the help of PCR tests it is possible to define individual genetic factors, genetic deviations, chromosome mutation responsible for susceptibility to some diseases as so, as those generating the diseases. Due to pre­imp­lan­tation and pre­na­tal ge­ne­tic tests we can discover genetic disorders of a foetus. The above mentioned test methods allow us to provide exceptionally complex services in Hungary.

Our clinic is open for you on working days between 08 a.m.–08 p.m. except Friday 08 a.m.–16 p.m. Specialists' con­sul­ta­tions are according to preliminary appointments.

Operating room


  • General anesthesia
  • Local anesthesia

Boarding in

Hotel room bathroom
Hotel room

Preoperational examination

Inpatient department reception

Gynecological operations

  • Removal of condyloma from vaginal ar­e­as
  • Labiaplasty
  • Marsupialisatio glandulae Bartolini
  • Cervical plastics
  • Dysplastic portio
Plastic surgery cunsulting room

Plastic surgery

  • Face surgery
  • Otoplasty
  • Temple plastics
  • Forehead plastics
  • Neck plastics
  • Rhinoplasty complete or secondary aes­thet­ic surgery
  • Partial Rhinoplasty
  • Upper eyelid plastics
  • Lower eyelid plastics
  • Breast lift surgery
  • Breast lift + reduction surgery
  • Breast lift + enlargement surgery
  • Breast enlargement surgery
  • Hair transplantation 300–500 micro grafts (at one time for men, at several times for women)
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction of thigh, buttocks
  • Liposuction partial (abdomen - 2 areas, thigh - 2 areas, laying separately)
  • Simple excisions of skin modifications (tattoo, birthmark)
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Correction of wrinkles by BOTOX injection
  • Enlargement, sculpturing of lips (enlargement of lips by injection)
Waiting room

Surgical interventions

  • Hemorrhoid operation (traditional)
  • Hemorrhoid operation with PPH
  • Ingrown toenail correction
  • Bunion operation
  • Simple excisions of skin modifications
  • Arm ligament loosening
  • Small operations (atheroma, incision)
  • Surgical treatment of chronic felon
  • Inguinal hernia with implantation of reticulum
  • Hernia surgery (inguinal, belly button)
  • Varicose surgery
  • Varicosity injection treatment
  • Surgical removal of rectal polyp
  • Anal fistula surgery

Histological tests


Urologic surgery

  • Circumcision (foreskin incision)
  • Foreskin surgery (incision, condyloma re­mov­al)
  • Frenulotomy
  • Castration (removal of testicles)
  • Urethral external polyp’s excision
  • Hydrocele surgery (testicle hernia)
  • Vasectomy
  • Spermatocyst surgical removal
  • Varicectomy in case of varicocele

Mailing address

Istenhegyi Private Clinic
Istenhegyi út 31/B.

Telephone, fax

Our phone number:
Our fax number:

(+36) 1 224-5424, (+36) 1 224-5425
(+36) 1 224-5424


Istenhegyi Magánklinika Inc.
Mailing address: H-1125 Budapest, Istenhegyi út 31/B.
Telephone: (+36) 1 224-5424, (+36) 1 224-5425
Fax: (+36) 1 224-5424

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